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Simple granulated superphosphate

FERTILIZER mineral granulated
TYPE: phosphorus fertilizer – simple P superfosfate
P (Ca, S) 19 (10:28)
Ingredients,% by weight:
phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
– soluble in neutral solution of ammonium citrate and water – 19,0 %
– soluble in water – min. 93.0% calcium oxide (CaO) soluble in water
– min. 10.0% sulfur trioxide (SO3) total – min. 28.0%

The fertilizer should be applied before seeding or before planting and after spreading it should be mixed with the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm. The simple granular superphosphate can be mixed with other granular multicomponent fertilizers, and with nitrogen fertilizers immediately before sowing.

Simple granulated superphosphate is a universal phosphate fertilizer that is suitable for use in all soils and all crops. The simple superphosphate is produced in a granular form, which ensures uniform seeding and prevents dusting, and causes slow and even release of phosphorus and other nutrients from the fertilizer. The production technology used ensures the presence of all ingredients in each fertilizer granule. This fertilizer contains sulfur, which is essential mainly for the fertilization of oilseed rape, potatoes and grassland. This component is particularly valuable due to the increasing occurrence of sulfur deficiency in soils as a factor limiting crop yielding. In addition, the superphosphate contains calcium, which is an important macroelement and has a positive effect on a number of soil properties, conditioning high fertilization efficiency. The fertilizer also includes a set of micronutrients necessary for the proper growth and development of plants.