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Super FOS DAR 40

Super FOS DAR 40
Name: Superfosfat Enriched P (Ca) 40- (10)
PKWiU number: 20 15 410
CN number: 31 031 010

Super FOS DAR 40 – ENRICHED SUPERPHOSPHATE 40% P2O5 is a universal, concentrated phosphorus-based fertilizer that can be used before sowing, in spring and autumn on all soils and with all crops, including grassland. Besides phosphorus it also contains calcium and sulphur. The fertilizer is intended for plants demanding good supply of phosphorus, calcium and sulphur, including: winter and spring rape, mustard plant, cabbage, fine-grained papilionaceous plants (lucerne, clover) and other species of plants, e.g. cereals, corn, potatoes and beets. Calcium and sulphur in the fertilizer are also valuable for grassland fertilization, since the ingredients improve the quality of fodder for ruminants. With regard to high content of phosphorus it is very good for plants fertilised with manure, which always contains too little phosphorus against potassium.

Super FOS DAR 40™ is regarded as one of the most concentrated phosphorus-based fertilizers of A.2.2b type. The content of monocalcium phosphate soluble in water makes phosphorus easily assimilable for plants. Additionally, the fertilizer contains calcium and sulphur necessary for plants. Content of nutrients:
40% P2O5 phosphorus pentoxide soluble in mineral acids,
25% P2O5 soluble in neutral solution of citrate and water
10% CaO calcium oxide soluble in water
Microelements (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) from natural phosphates make a valuable addition to the fertilizer, improving assimilation of other ingredients.
High quality granules (i.e. with a homogenous grain size, 2 – 5 mm diameter) facilitate uniform sowing.
The product obtained Certificate No. 32/13 of the Institute of Artificial Fertilizers in Puławy, which confirms its stable quality.

Nitrogen in an ammonia form is not washed out from soil, it is taken by plants slowly and assists in phosphorus intake and reduces excess potassium intake. Phosphorus from partly decomposed phosphate demonstrates quick and long-lasting action. Pre-sowing application of Amofoska improves rooting of plants, their correct growth and increases general strength of plants, their resistance to frost and droughts, contributes to uniform maturing, improves quality and ensures high yield.

Super FOS DAR 40™ is a typical pre-sowing fertilizer. Suitable for all plants. It can be used both in autumn and in spring. After spreading onto soil, mix the fertilizer with soil. Sowing can begin 3 – 5 days from mixing the fertilizer with soil. It is recommended for fertilizing grassland, where phosphorus is easily assimilable by plants, from compounds easily soluble in water. The fertilizer can be used on grassland early in the spring or in summer after the first swathe (meadows) or first grazing (pastures).
The fertilizer can be used with all soils, regardless of their compactness and degree of acidity. Superfosfat wzbogacony can be mixed in any time with all fertilizers and shortly before spreading with ammonia saltpetre and urea.

Amofoska is packed:
• in 500 kg flexible containers – big-bags.
Each packaging contains a full description of the product marked permanently on the bag.
The fertilizer should be transported by means of transport protecting the product against water, atmospheric precipitation, direct sunlight and damage to the packaging.

Printed polyethylene bags, with 50 kg net content, can be stored in no more than 12 layers. Flexible containers weighing 500 kg can be stored in stacks up to 3 layers high. Store the fertilizer in clean and dry warehouse buildings and protect it against atmospheric conditions (sunlight, precipitation). During transport, handling and storage, observe effective regulations.
If irritation occurs, wash the skin and eyes with plenty of water. It is recommended to use dust-proof masks and safety goggles. If incidental ingestion occurs, seek medical attention. Non-toxic, fragrance free, non-flammable.

In the case of irritation, wash the skin and eyes with plenty of water. It is recommended to use dust masks and safety goggles. In the event of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice. Fertilizer nontoxic, odorless, non-flammable.